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The town of Sandhurst is located Southwest of Heathrow Airport a distance of 25 miles that would take around 30 minutes by taxi via the M25 and M3. It is situated in Berkshire within the Borough of Bracknell Forest and has a population of 20,803 according to the 2001 Census. The town’s name originates from the sandy soils and the Hurst (a wooden eminence) of the area. In earlier times it was a small farming village on the edge of Windsor Forest with Sandhurst Walke being a division subject to forest laws for the local inhabitants. When the railway was established a number of country residences were built as well as some large houses and institutions including broad moor Asylum and Wellington College. It is well known today as being home to the Royal Military Academy.

In the town of Sandhurst and the adjacent areas of Sandhurst, Faremania is providing SANDHUST TAXI in order to provide you the reliable and comfortable journey. We provide all the services in cheap rates. The vehicles are available according to your needs such as saloon cars for your routine journey, Estate cars if you have some extra luggage with you, Executive cars if you want to travel like a boss and Multi seater car if you have to travel with 6 to 8 people. We understand your need that is why we offer you what you are in need of. We always offer you the best price that is why there is no need to be confused while selecting us. There will never be hidden or some extra charges because we charge for what we provide. You can book the TAXI IN SANDHUSRST by make a phone call to us. We provide you another way to hire a taxi from Faremania and that way is quite easy and quick. You can hire a taxi by using the smart phone app. So make your life easy by hiring the TAXIS IN SANDHURST from Faremania taxi services.


Faremania taxis can drop you off to any Airport of UK like: - - London Airport, Getwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, Luton Airport and Southampton Airport. We provide high quality Airport transfer services at some fixed and cheap rates. We care about you that is why we provide you what you really expect from us. For your return flight we will take your flight details and monitor your flight as it arrives back into the UK. So get a best taxi service in Sandhurst and have memorable journey with us.

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Our services are expanding and many people are relaying on our taxi services that is why we are in needs of drivers in the area of Sandhurst who are properly licensed, professional and have knowledge about the town. So apply for the job if you fulfill the requirements.